Specification & Assembly

Image Part code
dsd1-blue dsd1 blue or dsd1 red
dsd2 dsd2
dsd3 dsd3
ds3 ds3
ds2 ds2
ds1 ds1
ds4 ds4
ds5 ds5
ds6 ds6
ds7 ds7
o-ring (2) o-rings
made of silicone
3,5 x 16 – 19 units ds screw pack
made of S/St A2
2,9 x 16 – 3 units ds7 screw pack
made of S/St A2
4,2 x 16 – 6 units
M4 x 16 – 6 units
M4 – 6 units
dsd screw pack
made of S/St A4
  • –°hoose a suitable place for your ventilator ensuring that there are no obstructions above or below the deck.
  • Using DS7 as a template mark and cut hole through deck / roof / hatch.
    DS7 requires cutting to length prior to assembly. Place DS7 in the hole and measure and mark so that 1 or 2 mm extends below roof.
  • Trial fit DS1 and DS7 and screw into position. Ensure that they fit correctly before proceeding.
  • Remove DS1 and refit using a suitable marine sealant, wait until the sealant hardens.
    Ensure that the floating balls and the housings for the free floating balls are clear of debris and excess sealant.
  • Fit O-rings.
  • Complete assembly by fitting DS2 and DS3 and then dorade box.
  • Do not forget to place DS4 into position and screw to DS5 before fitting DS3.

Templates for fitting