Deck ventilator
Specification & Assembly
Templates for fitting


  • Guarantees self-actuating protection from water penetration into the vessel.
  • Keeps water out under the worse adverse weather conditions, in any corner of the vessel, and even if the ventilating device is completely under water.
  • Provides a constant supply of air to the cabin areas, engine rooms and holds.
  • Principally used as a part of ventilation device. Sometimes Air-Only fits instead of labyrinth or mushroom ventilator in existing dorade boxes.

Product code – DS
Free flow area – 24 cm2
Dimensions in millimeters


Complete set with cabin ring and all fitting screws.


Gross weight ~ 0,5kg


It consists of a casing, which encloses the opening, and a number of spherical floats.

There are round apertures in the horizontal plane of the casing, which enable air to pass through.

There is one sphere-shaped float located under each round aperture in the casing.

The floats are normally located at such a distance from the apertures that they do not reduce the space available for air to pass through these apertures.

The floats are placed in guides that allow them to rise and fall freely.

When water threatens to flow in through the vent, the floats rise and block the apertures, preventing the water from entering the ship.

The total size of the round apertures in the casing is equal to the size of the opening.

The “net” applied is for preventing insects and dirt from entering the cabin areas.

The closure allows to reduce the free flow area on ¼, ½, ¾ and to close the vent simply by pulling the handle. Do not screw it on, just pull or push.

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