Specification & Assembly

Image Part code
b1 parts B1
b2 parts B2
ds4 parts DS4 with internal thread
breezy pin parts Threaded pin, M5 x 120
3,5 x 16 – 4 units A2 S/St screws
  • You should have fitted Air-Only ventilator!
  • Threaded pin requires cutting to length prior to assembly.
  • Screw threaded pin into DS4 from the Breezy set and replace existing.
  • Refit o-ring.
  • Screw handle B2 to pin. Measure A as shown on Picture 1:
    breezy assembly pic1
  • Unscrew pin and cut (Amm-50mm).
  • Fit DS4, pin and B2. You will get result as shown on Picture 2:
    breezy assembly pic2
  • Trial fit B1. Using B1 as template mark places for screws.
  • Check motor and on-board voltage.
  • Complete assembly by connecting electricity to the motor (Red wire [+], black wire [-]) and fitting B1 as shown on Picture 3:
    breezy assembly pic3

breezy assembly pic4